Automation vision and strategy are aligned with business goals across the organization, and success criteria are well-defined

  1. Business-wide automation vision and strategy are periodically reviewed by corporate leadership and aligned with business goals and priorities
  2. Business-level success criteria are defined for the automation program, and approved by executive sponsors

Automation vision and strategy have executive support

  1. There is an awareness and commitment for automation from corporate leadership
  2. A roadmap has been defined, and budget allocated for the automation program

Automation vision and strategy exist at the functional level only

  1. Automation not yet viewed by function leadership as a strategic objective
  2. There is awareness and commitment for automation initiatives from the leadership of several business functions

Automation vision and strategy do not exist

  1. Automation is not yet viewed by corporate leadership as a strategic objective
  2. No enterprise automation strategy defined
  3. Automation strategy is under consideration, but no vision or strategy is formalized