Automation skills are contributing to newer Business ideas

  1. The resources are owning the innovation engine and build automation opportunities for yielding newer business ideas
  2. Resources are identifying new revenue streams, a critical enabler of fast time to market for contributing to quick time to market and enabling faster go-to-market, and recognized for their success
  3. The resources are able to identify new revenue streams by leveraging automation as a key enabler of business goals and objectives

Dedicated skills and capabilities aligned with automation strategy, and delivering significant business value

  1. The resources are executing against defined automation strategy and pipeline and delivering measurable business value
  2. Resources are capable of delivering quality automation, managing bots effectively, and reporting on ROI
  3. The resources are prioritizing the opportunities based on quick, medium, and long-term business value

Limited availability of dedicated automation skills and capabilities

  1. A few resources with automation capabilities are available, but gaps in skillset is supplemented with temporary resources
  2. The resources are not aligned with automation execution strategy of pipeline

No dedicated automation skills and capabilities

  1. A few non-dedicated resources with automation skills exist within the IT team
  2. There are still learning curve and resources are not fully- onboarded on automation concept, methodology and nuances