Standardized KPIs, measurement and continuous improvement are entrenched in the Enterprise DNA, to drive process efficiency

  1. Business / operational insights are reported, and retrospective actions are included and acted on regularly
  2. Real time analysis, trends, defect rates etc. of processes are available and reported for functions
  3. Business and executive leaders consider process optimization to be critical for business success

KPIs and measurement methodology are standardized, consistent and benchmarked for some functions

  1. Process performance metrics are standardized, monitored, analyzed, and reported on a regular basis
  2. Processes are benchmarked across functions / regions for assessing performance and optimization
  3. Some functions / regions report business and operational insights for their processes and are accountable for improvement

KPIs and measurement methodology are standardized and consistent across some functions

  1. Process performance indicators are available but only applicable to some functions / regions
  2. Processes monitoring is restricted to specific functions/regions

Processes are not measured and analyzed

  1. There are no business / operational insights for existing processes
  2. Process performance is not reported